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Worry-Free Regularity

Relief from Constipation, Stress, and Difficult Sleep

What is Digexin?

Digexin is a proprietary herbal extract that soothes digestion, promotes regular evacuation, and calms body, mind, and mood.

The Problem

Although 40% of US adults suffer from GI disorders, there are few solutions available outside fiber and probiotics. And most focus solely on improving digestion, neglecting the important role the gut plays in how we feel and respond to the world.

The problem - The solution

The Solution

Digexin is a proprietary herbal extract of tender okra pods and winter cherry designed to support both gut health and gut/brain communication. It supports calm, complete digestion and sends soothing signals from the gut to the brain.

How It Works

Digexin lubricates the endothelial lining of the GI tract and increases peristalsis, allowing for faster, more comfortable food transit and greater nutrient absorption.

In addition, Digexin supports adaptogenic functions and serotonin production in the gut, which signals the brain that all is well, resulting in a calm, happy feeling of overall well-being.

1. Soothes and lubricates the epithelial lining of the digestive tract, which supports calm, comfortable food transit, improves nutrient absorption, and hydrates stools for easy evacuation.

2. Increases peristalsis, which supports faster food transit and regular, complete evacuation.

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3. Increases adaptogenic functions, which helps maintain a healthy stress response and overall calm.

4. Increases serotonin levels, resulting in overall wellbeing, restful sleep, and positive mood.

Clinical Research

Digexin is backed by human research including open label and placebo comparison studies with results showing improved digestion and enhanced mood.

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Target Audience

Consumers are looking for novel botanical blends with synergistic properties that address multiple symptoms associated with digestive health issues. They are looking for products that soothe the digestive tract, supporting calm, comfortable food transit with improved nutrient absorption while hydrating stools for easy evacuation.

Additionally, consumers are looking for additional benefits such as increased adaptogenic functions, which helps maintain a healthy stress response and overall calm resulting in improved overall wellbeing, restful sleep, and positive mood.

Supporting gut health AND gut-brain communication helps consumers enjoy a healthy gut and a happy day.

Digexin can be formulated into:









Beverage powders

Beverage Powders