The Digestive Health Answer.

Double-blind, placebo-controlled, human clinical studies completed

NXT is pleased to soon announce a new digestive ingredient for comfort and function in the gut health market. The company’s breakthrough herbal formula for digestion health promises a vegan option with clinical validation.

We’re excited to bring this ingredient to market because we believe it fills an unmet holistic need in the gut health market that other products don’t address, namely gut health coupled with sleep and stress aid.

A synergistic and patent protected combination of two safe, food-based ingredients at 1:1 ratio, the ingredient offers unparallel advantage as it can be formulated in capsules, tablets, powder, shots and many exciting forms of food and beverages.

The ingredient has shown efficacy and safety in a placebo controlled human clinical study of 48 subjects for a dose of 300 & 500 mg daily.

Research shows people with a healthy gut biome handle stress better, sleep better, enjoy more positive moods, and experience higher energy levels. It is necessary to strike a balance between eating healthy and ensuring we are gaining all possible nutrients from our diets.

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