The Digestive Health Answer.

“Currently in double-blind, placebo-controlled, human clinical studies - coming early 2021”

Inside your intestines are bacteria that make up what is known as your gut microbiome. While some bacteria are pathogens that can cause illness, many are beneficial and have a direct influence on functions like digestion, immune system support, and nutrient absorption, while serving as a protective barrier against intestinal infections. Even more interesting is the gut microbiome’s supporting role in weight, heart health, and even your mood on any given day.

Research shows people with a healthy gut biome handle stress better, sleep better, enjoy more positive moods, and experience higher energy levels. It is necessary to strike a balance between eating healthy and ensuring we are gaining all possible nutrients from our diets.

NXT-USA is developing a new ingredient formulation that helps to nourish digestive tissues and improve the speed and efficiency of nutrient absorption.

This product innovation is being designed to complement supplements that aid and improve gut microbiota.

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