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Quality and Compliance

Dedicated to Manufacturing and Commercialization of the Highest-Quality Extracts from Across the Globe.

NXT-USA has a network of manufacturing facilities, which are routinely inspected by regulatory authorities and our own internal audit teams.

We leave no stone unturned to ensure we meet the strictest industry standards and have developed both internal and external audit programs to assure compliance with cGMP, national, and international regulations. Our leadership team is engaged at every step of commercialization with routine reviews of our regulatory performance, inspection activity, quality standards and sustainability. Additionally, we have adopted practices, procedures, and risk management systems that go above and beyond customary cGMP regulations.

3 Steps to Ensure Raw Material Quality


Identification of the plant through specific protocol and analyses


Identification of the plant through specific protocol and analyses


Standardization to ensure that the botanical extract always has the same composition of constituents.

We form partnerships with like-minded suppliers and production partners to help us drive quality throughout the commercialization process

Together we drive quality and compliance throughout our operations as we manufacture and bring our products to the most successful food and nutrition brands around the world. All of our formulations and ingredients are well-documented and studied for safety and efficacy, and there is no known evidence of interactions between our formulations and pharmaceuticals, herbs, vitamins, or minerals.