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Proven Ingredients for Better Living

Our Products

Healthy Ingredients

Natural solutions that provide safe, effective, and long-lasting relief


Digestive Health

Digexin® is a proprietary herbal extract that supports digestion, promotes regular evacuation.

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Joint Health

TamaFlex® combines Tamarind Seed and Turmeric Root extracts in a blend proven to provide fast-acting and long-lasting joint relief.

What Sets Us Apart

Innovating with Proven Ingredients

Our dedication to innovation, combined with our commitment to quality and research, set us apart. We’re not just creating products; we’re advancing health solutions with integrity.

What Sets Us Apart

Unique and Effective Products

Innovation, not imitation
Our products are born from a quest to bring tangible health benefits – think better mobility, improved regularity, and enhanced overall well-being. Beyond just numbers on a test, our ingredients provide results consumers can feel.

We're in the business of innovation, not imitation. Our products are born from a quest to bring tangible health benefits – think better mobility, improved regularity, and enhanced overall well-being, way beyond just numbers on a test.


What Sets Us Apart

Evidence-Based Development

We Focus on Research for Specific Needs
Our ingredient blends are the result of extensive, rigorous research, aimed at addressing real health needs, especially for aging populations. We invest significantly in research to ensure our offerings meet a critical market need, encouraging you to trust in their market potential.


What Sets Us Apart

Verified Efficacy through Human Clinical Trials 

Delivering on our promises
We understand the importance of evidence-based claims. Our ingredients are supported by human clinical research, including double-blind studies with substantial participant numbers. This research is published in reputable journals, underscoring our commitment to credibility and trustworthiness.


What Sets Us Apart

Pioneering with Purpose

We Lead with Selective, Validated Products
We don't chase trends or sell based on price alone. Our focus is on developing a carefully curated range of products that are not only unique but also solidly validated and effective. This selective approach ensures each product we offer is of the highest quality and innovation.


Partnerships Built on Trust

We work  with people who care


Instaflex® PM

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TamaFlex™ Fast Acting
GNC Live Well


Move Free


TrueJoint FLX

How Can We Help You

We can take your company to NXT level

Have an idea or product that you want to develop and bring to market? We provide all the resources necessary to take your product from formulation to commercial production.

Innovative Development Support

Your Innovation Partners
Our team of scientists stands ready to assist in new product development, combining innovative thinking with a track record of success to bring your ideas to life.

Reliable Ingredient Supply

Unmatched Supply Chain Reliability
Rely on us for a consistent, uninterrupted supply of high-quality raw ingredients. Our dependable sourcing ensures your production never skips a beat.

Deep Market Insight

Decades of Market Mastery
Leverage our decades of experience and pioneering products in the natural supplement industry. Our deep market insights guide you through trends and opportunities.

Brand Growth Partnership

Proven Brand Builders
Work with us to not just launch products, but to establish and grow your brand. Our history of success stories speaks to our ability to elevate brands in competitive markets.

Latest News

NXT in the News

We’re making headlines with our innovative ingredient blends!

supply side west award

Digexin wins Ingredient Idol Award for microbiome contributions at SupplySide West!

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Ashwaganda-Okra mix shows bowel health benefits in proof-of-concept clinical trial

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How can we help you?

Let’s work together to develop a unique product for your brand.