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Clinically Validated Branded Ingredients that Positively Impact Global Health


Natural Solutions

Health minded-consumers are looking for natural solutions that provide safe, effective, and long-lasting relief. They deserve solutions developed by companies who are committed to bringing to market cutting-edge ingredients and technologies that are safe and effective, and supported by science.

No Shortcuts

Where health is concerned, short cuts cannot be taken. Clinical validation is an essential step in ensuring ingredients deliver promised health benefits. Not every company makes this a priority, at NXT-USA we are working to lead the way rather than imitate.


Trusted Research

We agree that double-blind, placebo-controlled, human studies are the gold-standard in introducing healthy ingredients that provide real and measurable benefits. Our products are novel and our researchers work relentlessly to secure patents to protect these unique and innovative technologies.

digexin supplyside west award 2023

Digexin wins Ingredient Idol Award for microbiome contributions at SupplySide West!

Digexin wins the prestigious Ingredient Idol Award in the microbiome category at SupplySide West trade show in Las Vegas! Digexin boosts serotonin production for better mood and faster digestion. Two clinical studies confirm its effectiveness, with results published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in September 2023.

Our Ingredient Solutions

Healthy Ingredients that Provide Consumers Real Benefits Based on Solid Scientific Validation.


Quality and Compliance

NXT-USA is dedicated to manufacturing and commercialization of the highest-quality extracts from across the globe.

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